PMC Paramotor Training Syllabus

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About Course

This course provides the syllabus for the training you will receive during your time at Membury Airfield. The course forms your 'yardstick' whilst under training so that you can measure your progress, and provides a valuable reference afterwards. Used wisely it will also help you arrive at the flying field ready to gain maximum benefit from your training day.

What Will I Learn?

  • Achieve PPG1 certification & sign-off
  • Track progress of your practical training
  • Ask questions & review lessons
  • Reference guide during your flying career

Topics for this course

23 Lessons

Stage 1 Introduction

Newbie Notes
Introduction | Airmanship
Introduction | Safety Brief – Ground

Stage 2 – The Wing

Stage 3 – Introducing the Paramotor Unit

Stage 4 – Bringing The Wing & Motor Together

Stage 5 – Flight

Stage 6 – Completion

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Paramotor training course

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