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Paramotor Training

Learn to fly a Paramotor at one of the UK’s leading Paramotor Schools. With an awesome club vibe, experienced instructors and keen students, there is no better start to your flying career.

From the moment you set foot on our 320 acres of flat, grass airfield, you’ll be living and breathing aviation. Based at Membury airfield, near Swindon, Paramotor Training offers an unparalleled introduction to the world of Paramotoring. We believe that safe and confident aviation relies on so much more than just technical aircraft skills, from day 1 you’ll be speaking to instructors, ex-students, soaking up the aviation mentality.

The school is equipped with some of the best equipment in the sport, Dudek wings and Parajet paramotors. All equipment usage is included throughout your training. When you are ready to buy your own kit, our instructors can help match you up with the equipment you need.

We can’t wait to see you on the field. Call today to get started.

– Simon & the team

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    At Paramotor training, we believe in keeping it simple. That’s why our courses teach you everything you need to be able to fly safely, independently and with confidence. Our course is all in one. No need for top ups, extra ratings – just everything you need in one package.

    Paramotor Training Full Complete Course

    Full Paramotor Course

    Paramotor Training Full Complete Course

    Paragliding to PPG Conversion

    paramotor theory online training

    Online Ground School

    Your Instructors

    Meet the team that are going to teach you how to fly. Our full-time instructors have nearly 40 years combined experience on Paramotors, with 30 years combined teaching time. The team love paramotoring and are on the field every flyable day of the year. We live and breathe paramotoring.

    simon westmore flying instructor paramotor

    Simon Westmore

    Chief Flying Instructor (CFI)

    Colin Borland paramotor training instructor

    Colin Borland

    Full-Time Flying Instructor


    Here’s what our happy students had to say about our their training:

    Ben Raven Paramotor Review

    “The first flight was amazing and one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Simon’s voice in my ear the whole way round kept me super relaxed and I felt really safe.”

    Ben Raven
    Paul Francis Paramotor Review

    “The thing I liked most about the training was that once you have finished and completed the syllabus, you are still part of the club and warmly welcomed at the airfield. It’s a great little community and I’ve made lots of friends outside of my normal circle.”

    Paul Francis
    Graham Voyle Paramotor Training Review

    “Great to deal with making me feel very relaxed at every stage. Safety being his number one priority while still making the whole environment a fun place to be. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks Simon and Colin”

    Graham Voyle
    Lee Moss Testimonial

    “Highly recommend. Great atmosphere, great kit, great team. Had my first flight with in a month now had over 250 flights”

    Lee Moss
    Danny Kellett Paramotor Training Review

    “I’ve always wanted to fly but couldn’t justify the money it takes to get a private pilot license. I found paramotortraining.com and then got addicted to watching them fly on youtube. I called Simon and explained that I wasn’t the fittest of 42 year olds. He explained that it didn’t matter how long it took, his team will get me flying. The team made me feel very welcome.”

    Danny Kellett

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