Learn to fly!  Paramotor Training. full time paramotor lessons near Swindon  Call simon on 07983 428 453.
Simon runs a full time Paramotor training site near Swindon, Wiltshire. Our amazing site offers 320 acres of flat mowed grass. See Location for more information. 

He has been independently examined by Paramotor Club panel examiners and qualified as (QFI) Qualified Flying Instructor. 

The school has a full set of top end equipment perfect for learning to fly with for you to use during your course with us (this is provided for your use for free for the duration of your training). 

We use the Paramotor Club Syllabus which is a syllabus written specifically for Paramotors, is the most up to date and has been produced by a team of the countries most experienced pilots. Tried and tested, safe and fun!.

You will leave your training with a PPG1 Rating and certificate. The PPG1 rating will ensure that you are educated enough with theory and airtime to confidently assess sites and weather before flight. It will provide the piloting skills to enjoy the flight and land safely. (and a huge  grin knowing that your a pilot now! of course!) 

When you’re ready, Simon can supply a huge range of Paramotors and Paramotor wings. (discounts often apply with training packages)

Browse the site, or call now for a chat, 07983 428 453 Location.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Learn to fly a Paramotor, Full Time Paramotor Training Instructor. 

“Running a Paramotor School with an awesome club vibe, great members and keen students.... It’s no wonder I feel lucky every day when I wake up! This is not just a sport, it’s a way of life for me”

Discount available for group bookings!