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“ I like to make sure that everyone who is learning to fly with me is 100% happy 100% of the time, I guess I just want to offer what I would want, It’s just a shame I can’t control the weather. :-)”

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Simon Westmore, is a full time Paramotor Instructor, in fact it’s fair to say he lives aviation and Paramotors. 

Starting his adult life with 9-Years in the Regular ARMY, Simon then.....

2006: Founded www.paramotorclub.org This club has now evolved into the largest and fastest growing Paramotor organization in the WORLD.

2008: Organized and flew ‘the Tip to Tip’ from Lands end to John O Groats on a Paramotor with a team of other PMC Instructors and Members in the worst weather recorded for 100 years!

In 2008 Simon was also involved with a filming / photography project with the UK’s leading motor show Top Gear. 

2009: A member of the Sky Car Expedition from London to Timbuktu, he flew his Paramotor across the middle section of the Sahara Deserts empty quarter. (The first time a Paramotor has been flown in this area) his main role, Ariel filming for the C4 Documentary of the expedition, communications and fire lighter.

Also during 2009 he was asked to appear on Richard Hammond’s BBC TV show where he was filmed flying and landing his Paramotor and attempting to get a Go-Cart to fly without one!, you will have to ask him about this yourself. 

2010: A nice trip to the French Alps in April (some amazing pictures soon). 

2011: An epic trip to Spain See www.paramotorholidays.com for more information. 

2012: Simon was a part of the team for the National Geographic TV programme (the land that time forgot) in remote China as an aerial camera man. 

2012: Flight 4 Heroes, Helped to organize and filmed a charity expedition from JOG to Dover (for Help for Heroes). The two pilots who took off for this epic trip, only had 10 hours air time before it after being taught by Simon and his team. 

2013: Simon was awarded his NPPL(m) for fixed wing aircraft. 

2014: National and international Helicopter license awarded.


As well as training, Simon’s services also include: 

VIP Courses. ‘globally’. Please ask for references and examples of bespoke courses already held around the world.

Military Paramotor Training / Consultancy including photography & filming. CITC Trained. full ‘Military’ DV clearance in place. Currently running a course at the JSCS Military Staff Collage.

Filming and Photography. For TV production companies. Used to working in remote, hard to access areas, on and off camera. If you think that it cant be done, or you have the shot the needs a budget stretching helicopter do give Simon a call.