Here is what a few of Simon’s students have to say about there Paramotor training.



“I was very happy with the friendly and approachable way in which the course was taught. I now have over 100 hours of safe and trouble free flying, Thanks!” ‘Colin B’ 

”A breath of fresh air. Simon, the proprietor has only one ruleset. Lets keep this game safe, be good neighbors to the local community and enjoy ourselves. No club politics, just a great 'vibe' for all our fellow pilots. I have to say he certainly sticks to his own rules as he runs a tight and safe operation. He sets a tone that ensures that everyone is made to feel welcome and there is assistance and guidance available, either for those starting out in this magnificent sport, or experienced flyers and club members enjoying their leisure time. If you are thinking of taking to the sky, this would be a great place to start. I heartily recommend it. Norman New Paramotor pilot - "the most fun I have had in years!" Recreational GA pilot for the last thirty something years. 'Major UK airline' Boeing 777 captain.” ‘Norman’

”Simon's style combines the real joy of flying with the practical foundations necessary for safe aviation. His patience is legendary and his measured tones over the radio where so reassuring even when I was feeling the panic rising. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't go anywhere else.” ‘Stuart M’

“I have recommended Simon to my friends who have all done the same, I think that says it all. brilliant course brilliant instruction!” ‘Peter R’

" I'm getting close to completing my PPG 1 certificate with Simon, and have to say that the course so far has been absolutely fantastic.
The syllabus is very well planned, and is tailored to suit each student's needs accordingly. I have found this to be a great way to learn, and has given me the confidence to progress steadily. Great course. Thoroughly recommended!! " ‘Neil C’

" Its a four hour drive to reach Lambourn for me, but once I had been down and seen the set up I had no hesitation in signing up to learn to fly with Simon Westmore. I was totally impressed with the professional approach from Simon, he explained every part of the course to me in a clear and precise manner, I learnt quickly and with confidence, gaining my first flight in no time at all, I have now been flying for over a year and have been able to experience this wonderful sport to its fullest.
Thanks Simon. " ‘Dave’

“I tested Simon’s patience when ever we met for training, I never found that this effected his excellent instruction” ‘Nigel B’

“Simon is very professional, but seems to keep the atmosphere perfectly relaxed with occasional injections of humor. I always felt safe and love flying a year later. Thanks.” ‘Chris C’
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